The Association has three membership types :
  • Single Family Office (SFO) Members  : Professional organizations created as a private entity dedicated to satisfying the needs and managing the wealth of a single ultra-high net worth family, which typically has a net worth in excess of $50 million.
  • Multi-Family office (MFO) Members: Independent organizations that provide integrated services, which usually include financial advisory service, to multiple ultra-high net worth families to help them manage their asset and fulfill their needs.
  • Solution Providers to Family Office Members: practitioners and companies that have experience in providing service to family offices in areas such as logistic, accounting, legal counseling, security and such likes.
As our members, you can:
  • become part of an international network made up of professional family offices and solution providers in Asia
  • participate in the events and activities organized by the Association
  • access the services offered by the Association with priority
  • critically review the work of the Association, offer criticisms and suggestions
We welcome you to join us if you are willing to uphold the constitution of the Association and hold qualification recognized by us.