The Association offers the following family advisory services:
  • Formation of family office-The Association has strong expertise in the family office service and can help ultra-high net worth families starting up their own family offices. We offer advices on the operational  structure, purposes and function of family offices. We also provide assistance in other administrative affairs involved in the establishment of family offices, such as staffing and accounting.


  • Assessment and restructuring of family office-It is important for ultra-high net worth families to keep track of the operational efficiency of their family offices. The Association can help to evaluate the efficiency and sustainability of the existing structures of family offices and offer advices on improvement or re-structuring for families who are unsatisfied with the existing situation. In addition, we also provide assistance in the formalization or re-structuring of family offices that are currently scattered between various institutions and professionals.


  • Family Governance and Counseling-The complexity of family business grows as increasing number and generations of family members participate in the business and conflict regarding issues like business strategy or asset allocation  is bound to arise. It is not uncommon for the growth and continuity of the family wealth to be sabotaged by such conflict. Thus it is vital for ultra-high net worth families to develop an effective decision-making mechanism through which conflict can be resolved. The Association can assists in the development of family governance systems for ultra-high net worth families. We advise on the establishment of the family governance body (usually a Family Council), its operational framework as well the drafting of any family constitution or mission. In addition, we can also help to resolve disputes among family members by encouraging meetings and communication.


  • Second Generation Education-For ultra-high net worth families that wish to keep its wealth and business thriving across generations, it is of utmost importance to have successors that are fully equipped to take up the family business. Therefore, we play great emphasis in preparing and educating the next generation of members in ultra-high net worth families for managing their family business and wealth. The second generation coaching service that we offer is tailor-made for every individual family. This helps to equip the next generation of family members with skills and awareness needed in their own family business as well as familiarizing them with the vision and beliefs held by their families.


  • Succession Planning-In order to safeguard the continuity of family wealth, it is important for ultra-high net worth families to pass the family wealth to the next generation of family members in a smooth and tax-saving way. In addition, many families might require special succession arrangements to be made in response to the specific circumstance that they face. The Association can assist in the execution and formulation of succession plans of ultra-high net worth families. Our service covers a wide range of matters, including but not limited to the setting up of trust funds and the facilitation of conditional transfer. In delivering our service, we always strive to help the families transfer their wealth in a way that can both save tax and fulfill their objectives.


  • Education of practitioners-It is necessary for family offices to be operated by professional and reliable staff if they are to deliver trustworthy and productive service. The Association dedicates itself to raising the standard of practice in the family office industry. We help to certify academic and industry qualification for practitioners. In addition, we organize programs and events regularly in order to provide practitioners with latest market information as well as equipping them with important skills and knowledge in the business.