The Association offer family offices the following investment planning services:


  • Strategic Investment Planning-The Association focuses on helping family offices formulating their long-termed investment strategies. We have strong connection with professionals and institutions in the relevant fields and advise on a wide range of matters, including but not limited to investment of financial and real assets, risk assessment and containment, insurance and tax planning.
  • Oversea Investment-Even though many ultra-wealth Asian families seek to escalate their business to a next level by extending their business or investment overseas, they often find it difficult to do so. It is because they often lack the understanding to, resource and network in foreign market to make or execute efficient business or investment plan. Making use of our expertise and connections with professionals, we provide advices and assistance to family offices in Asia in investment and business development in the oversea market.


  • Co-investment-Many ultra-high net worth families require high-quality deal flows to invest their capitals in. Such deal flows can be provided by entering co-ventures with other wealthy families. Yet many family offices often face difficulties in finding suitable co-investors. The Association offers club deal facilitation or match making services for family offices, which helps to provides them with essential connections for the discovery of potential co-investment opportunities.