Philanthropy has become increasingly prevalent and important among ultra-high net worth families across the world. Asian families are, unsurprisingly, no exception of this trend. Many wealthy families in Asia are committed to using their fortune for social good and to leaving a valuable legacy to the world. Given the complexity of starting and managing a philanthropic projects, these families often require support from family offices to tackle issues and problems occur during the process. Nonetheless, only very few family offices have the specialist knowledge and relevant experience to support these families' vision with professional philanthropic services.
The Association provides Asian families and their family offices with professional philanthropic services that they might have difficulty obtaining elsewhere. We can help Asian families creating projects that serve their vision as well as assisting in the execution, management and oversight of the projects. Alternatively, we can also help them to select existing philanthropic projects that they might want to make contribution to. In order to fulfill the pursuits and needs of every individual family, we provide services in a wide range of areas, including but not limited to impact assessment, strategic planning, fundraising, technical advice and operational management.