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FOSS (Past Years)

2016 Family Office Solutions Showcase

20-21 January 2016 - Admiralty, Hong Kong

  •  Tycoons in Asia & Prospect of Family Offices , the Role of Hong Kong

  •  Be Lean & Vigilant - How Family Office manage cost & data security

  • Industry Landscape and Latest Co-investment Trend

  • The Myth of Virtual Family Offices

  • Family Office Best Practices Round Table

  • Family Office Solutions Showcase : Corporate Finance, Succession, Family Governance, Direct Investment : Private Equity, Real Estate. 



Showcase Agenda

Opening Speech 开幕致辞

  • Ms. Eva Law, Chairman, Association of Family Offices in Asia and Association of Private Bankers in Greater China Region 罗孟君女士, 亚洲家族办公室的协会 (AFO) 和 大中华地区私人银行家协会(APB) 主席
  • Mr. James Chen, Vice Chairman, Association of Family Offices in Asia & Association of Private Bankers in Greater China Region 陈家声先生, 亚洲家族办公室的协会 (AFO) 和 大中华地区私人银行家协会(APB) 副主席 

Signing Ceremony 簽約儀式

•        Professional Education for Industry Practitioner - Chartered Family Office Specialist, Strategic Cooperation of Association of Family Offices and Legacy Academy

         家族辦公行業的專業教育行業從業者 -特许富豪资产规划师认 证课程, 亚洲家族辦公室協會和传承学院的戰略合作

KEYNOTE Session 主题演讲环节:

•        Family Office in Asia 亚洲的家族办公室

•        My Journey in Family Business Legacy 家族企業傳承的旅程

        How Chinese-style multi family offices develop in the context of the internet-bloom 互联网背景下中国式家族办公室

        The art of family business succession 中國企業世代相傳的智慧

Family Office Specialist Presentation 家族办公室专家演讲:

•        How family offices manage risk, uncertainty and opportunity in a changing tax landscape 家族办公室如何在不断变化的税务环境下管理风险,不确定性和机会

•        Outlook for M&A Acitivity and Opportunity for Family Offices 合并收购活动和家族办公室发展的展望

Family Office Solution Showcase 家族办公室解决方案展示:

•        How BOCI serve wealthy Chinese families and entrepreneurs - Showcase by leading domestic player with superb offshore experience 中银国际如何服务富裕的中国家庭和企业家-国内领先的金融机构拥有充足的海外经验

        Family Offices Reporting – keeping stakeholders informed. - Showcase by Professional Solution Vendor  家族办公室的全套报告- 保持家族利益攸关方充分知情 -专业服务供应商

        How HeFeng Family Office serve wealthy Chinese families and entrepreneurs - Showcase by Chinese & Foreign Invested Joint-venture MFO 和丰家族办公室如何服务富裕的中国家庭和企业家-中外合资的联合家族办公室

Family Office Investors Interview 家族办公室投资者专访:

       Interviewer: Ms. Lisa Li, Chief Editor and Publisher, Zenith Media 李飒女士,臻传媒出版有限公司主编和出版人
  1. Mr. Kevin Lin, Member, Asian Co-investors Club 林君衡先生, 亚洲联合投资者俱乐部机构会员代表
  2. Dr. Louis Poon, Director, Samsung Asset Management (Hong Kong) Ltd 潘乐鸣博士,三星资产管理(香港)有限公司董事
  3. Mr. Shane Weir, Solicitor, Weir & Associates, Solicitors & Notaries 韦雅成先生,韦雅成律师事务所律师
  4. Mr. Matthew Egerton-Warburton, Partner, Withers Bergman 马修·埃杰顿 - 沃伯顿先生,衛士達事务所合伙人

Family Office Media Prospective 家族办公室媒体视角:

        New Status Quo for Succession of Chinese Wealthy 中国传承“新常态”

Opportunity Showcase 商机展示:

•        The recent hot investment focus of Family Offices - China Agricultural Trends, the M&A strategies and engagement policy toward One Belt One Road Initiatives & New Third Board 家族办公室近期最热门的投资焦点 - 中国农业趋势和接合一带一路的政策和中国新三板的并购䇿略

Market Outlook 市场展望:

•        Taiwan – the change and the challenge 台湾 - 未来的变化和挑战

Family Office Awards and Practitioners Education Announcement 家族办公室奖项和行业从业者教育计划公布

        2016 Family Office Awards – Announcement of scheme detail 2016 2016 家族办公室奖项 -计划细节公布

        Professional Education for Industry Practitioner - Chartered Family Office Specialist Strategic Cooperation of Association of Family Offices and Legacy Academy 家族办公行业的专业教育行业从业者-特许富豪资产规划师认证课程亚洲家族办公室协会和传承学院的战略合作

Investment Ideas Exploration & Club Deal Facilitation 投资理念开发与俱乐部交易商酌:

        One Belt One Road Opportunities 一带一路带来的机遇

        Financial Technology Related Opportunities 金融科技带来的机遇

        Auto-pilot Related Opportunities 影响力投资与清洁能源带来的机遇

        Impact Investment and Clean Energy Related Opportunities 自动驾驶飞机带来的机遇




Enrollment Form



Showcase Rundown




Family Office Solutions Showcase in 2015

Showcase Agenda

Opening Speech


Family Legacy Showcase

       The Legacy of Quilvest - Development of the 7 generations


KEYNOTE Session:

        Chinese Tycoons & Prospects of Family Office Industry in China

        The Establishment and Management of the First batch of Onshore Family Trust

        Family Office Boom in Asia and the role of Hong Kong


Family Office Specialist Presentation

        Where to locate the Family Office?

        Family Office Professionals–Introduction of Chartered Family Office Specialist Program

        Asian Family Business and their Family Offices

        Outlook for M&A Activity and Opportunity for Family Offices

        Asian Mid Market Lending & Private Equity

        Leveraging Venture Capital in a Family Investment Portfolio : How Do FOs invest in VC?

        How Ultra Affluent Family Manage Real Estate Investment – Business Cases Discussion


Panel Discussion:

        The road ahead-Family Offices in Greater China Region

        Being Secure: Risk Systems and Tax Profile

        Multi-Generational Wealth Discussion – Implementing a Plan to Preserve, Grow and Give Away Wealth Over Generations

        The Evolution of Impact Investing

        The collaboration of attorneys in serving sophisticated affluence clients

        Re-evaluating the benefits of Co Investment & Direct Investment: Knowing what is appropriate for your family

        Managing risks for affluent families


Family Office Solution Showcase:

        Switzerland Player

        US Player

        Professional Services Player


Family Business Workshop

        Corporate Governance and Legal Risk Management for Family Business


Philanthropy Engagement Session

        Make A Wish Program


AFO & APB Seminars

        The work of AFO and APB

        Introduction of Solution Platform

        Teach For China’s Mission & The Make A Wish Program 

        The Family Office Talent Market and Career Services by Associations

        Succession Management Challenge in China

        Wealthy Chinese families and their investment in Antique Chinese Stones




Media Partners / Supporting Organization


  •  Incisive Media 精锐传媒Incisive media



  •  Wealth Asia Media wealthasiamedia



  • Family Office Elite Magazine Family office elite



  • ClearView Financial Media Ltd clearview-logo




  • CBN 第一财经 CBN



  • The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai 美国商会 AmCham copy


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