AFO has aspiration and commitment in : 
  • Promoting the industry and advocating members to practise the highest ethical standard and deliver customers with professional & reliable financial services.
  • Encouraging the practitioners to commit to continuous professional development training, thereby promote the industry to advance to the higher level of specialization
  • Researching with particular interests in the long-term development of the industry, regulatory policies & the effectiveness and the competition in Asia and in global arena.
  • Supporting the constancy exchange among the practitioners practising in the region and building the platform to enable the communication & networking among practitioners
  • Enhancing the communication and engagement among family offices in the region and establishing an effective network for arranging club deals
  • Providing resources, education and consultation services for family offices in the region.
  • Encouraging all family members to become involved in the goal of developing and preserving family legacy through the instrument of family office.
  • Supporting the industry to promote all-rounded services covering financial, succession management and corporate development to wealthy families, their family enterprises and family offices.